The Pink Dress

This is an Oil painting of a young girl sitting in a private carriage in an old “Red Rattler” train that we used to have in Australia years ago. She is relaxed and gazing at the artist, perhapsdeepinthought.
I love how the shadow of her back and hair melds into the dark brown leather seats of the old carriage, juxtaposed against her bright Pink Dress.
Oil on canvas board, unframed, signed on front by artist, 2016
60cm x 50cm

Mystify is an Oil Painting of a waif like young girl. She is thin and gives none of her feelings away even though she is looking directly at the artist. Perhaps she is lonely or lost tothehardshipsof this world.
There definitely is a mystery about her, that is why she is called Mystify.
Oil on canvas board, signed on front by artist, unframed, 2017
50cm x 60cm


An Oil Painting of a young girl aged about ten years old. She is gazing out at nothing special, in a day dream perhaps, or is she wishing she could go and play with her friends that are just beyond?
Alison looks rather wistful yet enchanting. I kept her skin tones smooth to ensure her youthfulness was captured in the painting.
Oil on boxed canvas, ready to hang, signed on front by artist. 2017
60cm x 50cm