My Love Of Art

I have always loved art from a young age. I did a little bit as a teenager in school but that was about it. I have always had a deep appreciation for the arts, always going to many galleries at eachtown we visited. I just used to stare at the beautiful Masters and Impressionists. I just love their work and that is an understatement to say the least! I have a small library of art books and havestudied the Masters in my own personal time. 

I left home at an early age to go and work, then mid twenties I was married and had two sons. During their toddler years my artistic expression was in cake decorating where I studied with a tutor fora year. I made the delicate flowers, the fine lattice work and all things cake! I loved it and had a successful little business, run from home, with orders flooding in. I also crocheted andknitted. 

I had a life change when my sons went to school and I had to go to work again to support them. So no time for art. Instead I had a large garden creating beauty with flowers and shrubs - full ofcolour and huge flower beds. I had goats, sheep, cows, chickens, ducks and geese. That kept me busy and out of trouble with working and raising a family.  I would not even contemplate learningto paint. Well, as a matter of fact I DID indeed contemplate it for a brief minute and put it right out of my head as I felt it was impossible for me to be able to study art with growing boys. Instead I took up learning the Saxophone for a little while. As a child I had piano lessons for about 3 years, where I also learned to read music.

I didn’t really pursue the Saxophone. It wasn’t me. As the boys became more independent things became easier and I retired at 54.  This is when I decided to go to the Master Artist Kevin Boucherfor lessons.

I have a chronic anxiety condition (among others) so attending this class was a most HUGE step for me. My husband came on the first visit just to check things out and for me to know I was safe. Mynerves got the better of me. I went to Kevin for 5 years and still had anxiety at the easel. Is that normal?? I don’t know. I know I put the challenges up to myself by painting a variety ofpaintings, finally deciding landscapes are my love.

Now we have moved to Foster in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia and my journey begins without an tutor. Stay tuned..........