No 1 Colours of Australia 2016 Series
Acrylic on boxed canvas, ready to hang
30cm x 40cm
Signed on front by artist

These are the colours of Australia. The bright red earth, the heat of the sun and the clear blue sky and sea. Our sunburnt country, I love. My country inspired me to paint this series.
An Abstract in Acrylic. 2016 

This beach towel has the heat of the sun, the blue of the sky and sea, the warm red earthy colours of our land.

Midnight Light

By the Moonlight was painted with the idea of capturing the light of the moon with an outline of the tree in the foreground.
I really love the light in this piece.

Acrylic Abstract on boxed canvas, ready to hang
Signed on front by artist, 2015

Blue Skies, Aqua Seas

No 3 of the series of The Colours of Australia.
Acrylic on boxed canvas, ready to hang. 2016
 40cm x 30cm

Splatters of colours against the beautiful aqua blue of the sea or all the colours moving around in the atmosphere.

No 5 in my series of The Colours of Australia. This painting depicts the blue of our beautiful seas and the yellow is the sunlight that is ever present on our continent. I wanted to paint inthecircles to give the painting an atmosphere like a view from space looking down at the colours of Australia.

Acrylic abstract, on boxed canvas, ready to hang. 
40cm x 30cm

The Goldfish is an acrylic abstract painted for the bright lights on its fins from the sunlight streaming down. We have goldfish at home and they really sparkle when the sun hits them.

8” x 8”, unframed, signed by artist on front.

Interpretation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night


Pear Abstract

Signed on front by artist. Ready to hang

This abstract was painted in oils for the Annual Toora Heritage Pear Festival Art Gallery exhibition in Toora, South Gippsland, Victoria.