My recent trip to the wonderous Northern Territory led us to the great icon and mammoth rock that is known as Uluṟu (Ayer’s Rock). The colours of the rock are glorious and is accompanied bygorgeoussunsets where the rock changes colour to the changing light. One of the most spiritual places in Australia and one can really feel it. There definitely is a special kind of presence there, aplace toponder and drink in the surrounds and marvel at the smallest part of the rock. Uluṟu is much bigger underground so I am told.

Quality oil paint that continues around the edges of the boxed stretched canvas.
Signed on front by artist. All art sold receives a Certificate of Authenticity.
60x50cm, unframed
Oil painting

No 2 painting of a different angle of Hutt Lagoon in Western Australia. This view allows you to see the beautiful pink colours of the famous lagoon. The colours are what drew me to paintthisabstract. Hutt Lagoon’s iconic colouring comes from the presence of the carotenoid producing algae,dunaliella salina - which is a source of beta-carotene; a food colouring agent and agreatsource of Vitamin A. Dunaliella salina is commonly used in cosmetics and dietary supplements. It is said tobe fantastic for the skin health.  

Quality oil paint on boxed stretch canvas.
Unframed however, the painting continues around the edges.
All art sold receives a Certificate of Authenticity.
Signed on front by artist.

Litchfield NP is a beautiful park to see in the Northern Territory of Australia. It has a lot to offer the traveller with ancient rocks and art and waterholes. I came across this swamp on my waytoanother destination. What a marvellous big swamp! I decided to do an abstract with the view of capturing the colours of the Northern Territory. This abstract painting packs a punch and standsoutfrom the crowd with its vibrant and brilliant colours. Do you have a small space you want to brighten up or highlight? This is the painting for such a space.

Quality oil paints used on boxed canvas with the painting continuing around the edges.
Unframed, signed on front by artist.
All works come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The glorious Alice Springs can turn on sunsets like you’ve never seen. I was not disappointed. I captured the vibrant colours in this painting of the gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows of theeveningas the sun sets. This is a vivid painting just waiting for that special place on your wall.

All artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Quality oil paint is used on boxed canvas and the painting continues around the edges.
Signed on front by artist.

The great Australian Grass Tree is a visually outstanding grass tree that is unique to Australian. It is illegal to take from our bush and they are very expensive to purchase as they are veryslowatgrowing, growing about 1cm per year. My inspiration came from my love of the Australian bush and outback. The colours are brilliant and wonderous out in the deserts with spectacular skiesthatyoudon’t see in the cities. The is painting would lift any room and provide a talking piece to all your visitors at your home.

30x40cm, signed on front by artist, ready to hang with wire across the back,
Artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Oil painting,


Tooradin is a lovely little estuary and a hub for fishermen. We were having something to eat and drink there at sunset so I got my camera out and took some shots. The sunset wasliterallyglowingbright! I hope I have captured the brightness against the darker storm clouds that were gathering.
40x50cm on canvas, signed on front, unframed but ready to hang.
Comes with Certificate of Authenticty