For that special occasion or just an endearment card to a loved one, or just keep them yourself. A great way to purchase art without the price.
Cards, all matte except for Azure Kingfisher which is premium gloss. Cost for Matte cards are $6 and Gloss $7. Deal does not include postage. Can include sets or groups of one card. Please order through my email address. Thank you

Some samples of what you can order. You can order any painting print you want! Just let me know! Great for the home or office or the art studio. Great for that special and unique gift too.
A great way to own some art without the high price tag. Please email me for any queries. $35ea including postage. Thank you for looking😊

Exciting and bright vivid colours. Stand out in the crowd with these beautiful pieces. POA via email. Thank you for looking 😊

Bags for all occasions! Bright and summery feel. Get your now! POA via email
Thank you for looking 😊

Great summery feel with theseprinted  outfits in men’s and women’s. Nice bright colours of the abstract of Koi Pond in acrylic.  Great for summer! Thanks for looking 😊

All available through Redbubble 😊

My original watercolour prints. Blank inside and come with an envelope. Some are full gloss and some are matt. $7ea + postage

CHRISTMAS CARDS $7 ea + postage. My watercolour prints and photos. Coloured inside with  seasons greeting message inside. 
The photo cards have the photo on the back of the card as well. 

Endearment Cards $7ea

All cards are full gloss and come with an envelope. Cards are coloured inside and carry the main photo on the back as well. Cards are blank inside ready for you to choose your own special message.Cards are approx 5x7” and pastel coloured inside.
$7ea plus postage. These cards are photos of my beautiful garden.